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RE-Connect to Your Body

The lifestyle which many people in this country live cause them to disconnect from their body.
*Not getting the amount of sleep the body and mind need to recover and replenish.
*Working long hours, often at a fast pace and in stressful situations.
*Being busy every minute of your day…not taking time to just do nothing at all.

It’s no wonder people disconnect from their own body given these circumstances. A person couldn’t continue to live this way of life if they paid attention. Your body is always giving you information to help you, but you must be present to hear the information. And then you have to be willing to act upon that information. And it is all so that you can live the best life possible. It’s for your benefit!

Therapeutic massage can help you RE-connect to your body. Stopping for just an hour or two helps you re-connect, when you are not able to do anything. The touch of massage brings awareness back to the muscles and skin tissue reminding you that you have a body, not just a mind. It brings you back into yourself….your whole self.

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