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Massage Benefits for those with Autoimmune Disease

Autoimmune diseases are considered a top 10 leading cause of death in women under the age of 65. They come in many different varieties, including rheumatoid arthritis, type 1 diabetes, thyroid disease, lupus, psoriasis, multiple sclerosis, and more and can cause many different types of symptoms all over the body that range from mild to severe in nature.

Regular massage will help with the secondary problems that happen to the body as a result of pain, fatigue and dysfunction.

Massage decreases the sympathetic nervous system, which is the flight-or-flight/high-stress part of your nervous system. This decreases the burden on organs like the adrenal glands. The adrenals secrete stress hormones that can cause problems in the body beyond autoimmune disease.

Getting massages regularly also relieves muscle tension. When muscles are tight, they put an increased load on the joints they cross which can then aggravate already sore and inflamed joints.

Massage also increases the circulation to tissues when your body isn’t able to do its job. The pressure moving towards the heart helps to pump fluid out of the extremities and get it moving and then fresh blood will replace what was squeezed out of that area.

Having the diagnosis of autoimmune disease can be confusing, overwhelming and scary. Conventional medicine usually only offers treatment of the symptoms, not a real solution to the disease. Finding a local functional medicine physician can help you get to the root cause of your illness. Getting regular massages to help you manage your symptoms until you arrive at that point can quite helpful.

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