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Joy Day #3

My husband and I have started having planned days where we only do the things that day that bring us joy….no planning ahead, no commitments, no work. Anything we do must meet the criteria of, “Does this bring me joy?”

It really helps me to be more in the moment so that I can experience whatever it is that I’m doing…..walking, cooking, reading. I live in my head a good deal of the time so it’s a nice reprieve.

Typically when I wake up in the morning, my first thought is what I am going to get done and in what order?  As soon as my feet hit the floor I have a plan so that I can “get it done”.  But on this joy day, I thought to myself, “I am not getting anything done today.  So what would I like to do.  What would make me happy?”  I hollered for my husband to comeback to bed (which I do every morning because he give me a back massage) and we drank a cup of coffee and read a book in bed for the next hour.

When we walked the dogs, I usually walk at a pretty good pace because I have to get home to get some more things done.  But on that day, I walked more slowly, paying more attention to the houses and the few other people walking by.  I think I could actually feel the air on my face better than I normally do.

We have only done this three times so far, but I feel myself being more relaxed in my life….even if just a little.  It’s a very nice feeling to experience whatever it is that you are doing, which sounds absurd, but is oh so common.  How many times have you driven somewhere and not remembered the last 5 minutes of the drive because you were in your head?  That’s what I’m talking about…..not experiencing what you’re doing.  And we all do it…..A LOT!

I highly recommend days like this for yourself. It brings you back to yourself…..a wonderful place to be!


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